BeanGen is a open source easy to use enterprise java beans generator for openEJB server. It's main goal is to generate fully documentated beans plus all configuration files required to use openEJB. However the design patterns are very important and i'll try to make the best approach for each kind of bean always keeping in mind the embebed openEJB server inside Jakarta's Tomcat webapp server.


BeanGen has been going through a refactoring process and it will be launched in a few days. There are lot's of new features. First, code templates can be written or edited as a regular JSP file. Second the input file, is now in XML format. Third, 1-N and N-M relationships are handled. Fourth, PK objects are generated if no simple Java object can be used for it. Fifth, all configurations can xml descriptors are generated so, you can just run the generated ant script and copy your jar's to your favourite EJB server (OpenEJB). Stay tuned for this release...

With Fluorine build there were some changes in input file format, you should look at the CVS version. I'll make a new one using the new generated beans soon.

Release 0.9 is out. Codename: Fluorine. This release implements two major functionalities, DAC and POJO Patterns. These names could sound a little weird for you because that's what i named then after reading the excelent book EJB Design Patterns. What's new with this patterns isn't much. In the first one it's my own implementation of Data Access Command Pattern inside a Stateless Session Bean, the second pattern (the POJO) is a lightweight persistent system also inside a stateless session bean.
Why everything inside session beans? Simple, since OpenEJB works inside Tomcat all sessions are managed by our web-server.

BeanGen is finally hosted at To celebrate this event there's also a binary version available for download. This version can generate CMP beans and all configuration files. It lacks testing but works with the sample input file that generates the Titan example from OpenEJB.

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